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Jubbles started as a passion project for creating high value, safe and beautiful beddings and accessories for our fur babies-Jupiter and Bubbles, hence Jubbles :)


When I adopted Guinea Pigs, I had fair idea of the care they  would require and I was all in. I wanted  to experiment with different habitats and experiences for by piggies and was always on a lookout for that ‘purrfect’, pet-friendly, safe bedding and quality hideys and accessories for my fur babies.  To my surprise while there were plethora for canines and felines, there were almost no options for small animals. I soon realized the only pets our country presently caters to is Dogs & Cats and exotics like Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Hamsters,  Iguanas still don’t feature anywhere close.

So I decided to D-I-Y it for my girls....

Guinea pig hideouts and accessories in India

Welcome to Jubbles – your small animal friendly bedding, habitat, accessories haven for all your Guinea Pigs’ and other small / exotic animal needs!

"One of the best guinea pig hideouts and products store I've ever visited. The owner understands the parent's issues and suggests products accordingly. She is uber caring when it comes to guinea pigs - she loves them with all her heart. And she gives her products in such nominal rates. Do visit their store to give your piggie a 'happily ever after' experience 🙂"
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Vyshali R. 

Guinea Pig accessories, hideouts and bedding in India

For Guinea pig care tips and immediate assistance, click here:

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