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The Jubbles Story!

Hi I am Kshipra, mother to 6 beautiful Guinea Pigs! Jubbles started as my passion project for creating high value, safe and beautiful beddings and accessories for my fur babies-Jupiter and Bubbles. When I adopted Guinea Pigs, I had fair idea of the care they  would require and I was all in. I wanted  to experiment with different habitats and experiences for by piggies and was always on a lookout for that ‘purrfect’, pet-friendly, safe bedding and quality hideys and accessories for my fur babies.  To my surprise while there were plethora for canines and felines, there were almost no options for small animals. I soon realized the only pets our country presently caters to is Dogs & Cats and exotics like Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Chinchillas, Hamsters,  Iguanas still don’t feature anywhere close.


So I decided to D-I-Y it for my girls.  After much research and experiments (and disappointments! ) I finally created something that my guinea pigs  approved and I found sustainable as a pet parent. Our FIRST LINER was finally born.  Jupiter and Bubbles loved their liner. It was practical and safe to use and the tiny pockets were just so much fun for them when they wanted to play hide-and-seek. Soon came the hideout, Hammocks, Tunnels, Loungers and curtains – ALL PIGGIE APPROVED!

Crafting these goodies for Jupiter and Bubbles and watching them enjoy was not only immensely gratifying for me but it also inspired me to set-up Jubbles, a unique small/exotic animal bedding, accessories and toys’ haven for the best living experience of small animals all over the country.

Today Jubbles provides bedding, hideys, tunnels, hammocks, pee pads, cushions and much more at great value so that no Guinea Pig parent has to struggle with providing high quality living to their fur baby.

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Our core promise to our small/exotic animal buddies is to create and curate products keeping THEIR SAFETY, REQUIREMENTS, ENRICHMENT AND EXPERIENCE FIRST! They are our biggest priority. Always. ALL OUR PRODUCTS can be used as they are or can be co-created and customized  to suit the exact requirement of our animal friends.

Wondering how? Simply call us or watsapp with your requirements and we can co-create!

Guinea Pig hideouts and houses in India

For Guinea pig care tips and immediate assistance, click here:

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